Our VisionLighting paths to mental wellness.

Coraluma is a mental health app that syncs to a beautifully crafted mood base, designed for people with mental health conditions and for the people who support them. 

Our vision is a world where friends, families, and loved ones support each other using Coraluma to improve their mental health habits, understand each other better, and live with lighter hearts.   

Coraluma is a play on words, loosely borrowed from Esperanto, meaning heart and light

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“This is cool because it’s real time reporting. We have nothing like this right now. I would use the metrics from this device in my therapy.” Psychologist Interview #029

Our MissionHealthy minds, glowing hearts.

Each year, 1 in 5 people live with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide.1

That could be someone you love. Your mother. Your close friend. Maybe even you.

At Coraluma, our mission is to provide a simple way for people to truly connect with each other on days when hope is dim.

And on days when the world looks bright—we can reflect that too.

People living with a mood disorder say they feel all alone and trapped in a long, dark tunnel.3 

Family and friends, try as they might to help, often feel shut out.

Some have told us that helping from the sidelines is like watching an unavoidable train wreck. It's stressful for everyone involved.4 

Our position

We believe that being heard, listened to, and understood is vital for any relationship. So is knowing how someone is feeling, what to say when they need help, and how to act when words cannot readily express how they are doing.

Some good news

Mental health problems are treatable.2  

More good news. Coraluma offers a way to break through the confusion, stigma and guilt experienced by people with mood disorders and by their supportive family and friends.

It starts with you.

1 Fast Facts about Mental Illness
2 What is Mental Illness?
Understanding Mental Illness
How to cope when a loved one has a serious mental illness

DETAILS See exactly how Coraluma improves your relationship with mental health.

  • Individuals—Use Coraluma to improve your mental wellness

    After using Coraluma you will:

    • No longer feel alone with your mental health problems.
    • Feel understood by those who support you.
    • Recognize your emotional and behavioural patterns.
    • Know what to say and do to manage your mental health.
    • Feel encouraged to live your best day possible without guilt and in partnership within your moods.

  • Supporters—Use Coraluma to stay connected with a loved one

    After supporting someone with Coraluma you will:

    • No longer feel shut out from helping someone live with their mental illness.
    • Feel relief in knowing what they need from you day to day.
    • Confidently offer the right support at the right time.
    • Feel good planning your days knowing what to expect.
    • Earn guilt-free time to step back and take care of other matters (like you!) on days when your support is not needed.

  • Professionals—Enhance your therapy practice with Coraluma

    After treating someone using Coraluma, you will:

    • No longer wait for scheduled appointments to receive updates from your patients.
    • Feel confident adjusting treatment based on more data points and emerging patterns.
    • Feel assured seeing patients’ supporters contributing to your recommended treatment.
    • Quickly view all of your patients’ recorded mood tracking data and reports at glance.

Our TeamHatchers, Lean Launchers & Venture Builders



Our team comes from healthcare, design, communications, engineering, and computer science.


Coraluma is managed in partnership with Adaptive Impact, a product incubator and development company.


We know what it's like to support someone close. And we know what it's like to need and ask for help. It's a lot to juggle.

Our GoalLocal networks. Worldwide impact.

Coraluma is creating a global network of individuals who are committed to mental wellness. Whether solo, or together in pairs or trios, our daily actions can have a truly global impact on what we can accomplish together.

Over 300 million people live with depression.

Imagine a world where depression did not prevent people from completing school or earning a living. From acting on their ideas for a better future. From raising children that grow into their full potential. From thinking about suicide. From staying alive. 

We can do this!

How do we know? People like you are ready to make a change. Just look:

  • There are 5 billion unique mobile subscribers globally 2
  • 22% of Americans would use a mobile app to manage stress or mental health 3

You have the tools. You have the will power. With Coraluma, you can take simple daily steps to make a lasting change in your life and in the lives of the ones you care about. 

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